Commercial Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Our custom designed equipment allows us to thoroughly clean industrial building rooftops and fitted solar panels.

Gain power advantages with a solar panel clean… Dirty solar panels are proven to result in power loss.


Rooftops & Skylights

When dirty, glass rooftops and skylights can really impact the amount of natural light allowed to flow into shopping centres, restaurants and commercial buildings. But who do you get to clean them? Solar Sun is the simple solution!

Commercial Building / Exterior cleaning

If the exterior of your commercial building is looking a little drab and tired, give it an instant face lift by engaging Solar Sun to fully clean all exterior building surfaces with our specially designed equipment.


Private & COmmercial Marquee

Whether your marquee is used for huge corporate events, smaller scale private or perhaps school or education facility functions, there is nothing worse than dust and grime build up inside and out.

We’ll get your marquee clean for your next big event.