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We’re about keeping your solar farm performing at its best year in and year out. Studies have shown that all that dust, debris, bird droppings, airborne particles can reduce solar panel efficiency by up to 30%. This equates to a substantial loss of income. By using our High-Tech equipment, we’re sure to keep your solar panels running at the most optimal performance, saving you time and money, as well as making your panels look professional and clean.

Mobile cleaning Unit



The cleaning unit is a self contained fully equipped mobile cleaning unit with accommodation attached, ready to rapidly respond to your cleaning needs. Everything required to do with the cleaning is contained in a purpose built mobile unit, including de-ionising water filter, ground maintenance and panel cleaning equipment. (Higher cleaner remote control unit for those out of the way jobs).


On-site accommodation for the operator is part of the package allowing maximum on-site time for faster completion times.

Other equipment – long distance metal hose reels complete with rotary head brushing, fixed head brushing, glyder 35 foot carbon fibre telescopic poles with change over adapter heads for each cleaning purpose, along with a 1000 litre water treatment storage vat ready for on-site use.


Our world wide acclaimed cleaning methods of using deionised water treatment and mechanised brushing systems are used to gain the maximum power output possible. Using our service to ensure the best results for your k watt performance.

Maximise Power

Full Cleaning Service

Difficult Access Areas

Maintain Solar & Glass Panels


Proper maintenance of vegetation on solar farms ensures photovoltaic panels generate efficiently by reducing heat stress from ground radiated heat and dust without interference from overgrown vegetation.

Controlling vegetation underneath solar panels is an ongoing challenge for solar farms. Having some grass around the modules prevents upwards heat radiation and soil erosion, while helping the soil to retain moisture and reduce dust around the panels. However, overgrowth causes shading, hot spots and equipment accessibility issues. The good news is that Inlon’s Spider remote-controlled mower is here to change the landscape for Australian solar farms, quite literally.

Our Equipment



A high capacity mower capable of venting out air particles from falling nto solar panels. Complete with a hydraulic lift bin to Discharge into a Dump Truck.



A high volume water capacity field spray unit used for weed treatments and vegetation treatment. Fully operational and portable for onsite use.


mobile duel head brushing system

A pole mounted brushing system used for those hard to reach places. Non Scratch Bristles, High Pressure Water which can clan up to 1500m2 of Panel.

And more

Power rating loss chart

Voltage Improvement (%)
Before Service
250 Volts
Total of 5.7% Improvement to voltage performance.
After Service
265 Volts

The Spider’s unique patented design means that one mower can maintain the entire farm between the rows of solar panels and below them, reducing the need for multiple machines. Traditionally, maintenance has involved a two-stage clearing process, using a mower for the large areas and a trimmer to go around frames and obstacles. Not only does it save time on the mowing process, the Spider works fast too, clearing a highly productive 1.25 acres per hour.

Importantly for solar farms, the 4 wheel 360 degree steering makes it easy to manoeuvre and mow around awkward spaces. There’s no time wasted having to turn the mower around. It can cut in any direction, going back and forth, side to side, scooting around posts and blitzing even wild, rough vegetation. For sloping land, the Spider has another card up its sleeve, mowing up to 40 degrees utilising 4 wheel drive lugged tyres and up to 55 degree slopes with its optional winch system.

Protection of solar assets is also helped with the Spider’s ability to contain debris. Normal mowing can send stones and branches flying around, but the Spider mulches material with blades set well within the deck body to minimise the ejection of grass and debris during mowing.

‘The Spider mower makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of low level grass around the solar PV panels,’ said Glenn Dwyer, Inlon’s Spider Product Manager. ‘Other vegetation control methods such as sheep or chemicals introduce husbandry and environmental issues, the latter being counter-productive for “green energy” supporters. The Spider has low fuel consumption with low emissions and has previously won the CIVENEX Most Innovative Product award and a German Red Dot design award.’

The Spider 2SGS remote-controlled mower is specially designed for the maintenance of turf areas on solar farms. This internationally award-winning mower:

  • Has a height of 825mm, making it perfect for mowing underneath solar panels and across rows, while the operator stands a safe distance away with the remote control
  • Enables productive mowing techniques and route lines
  • Can access narrow and restricted areas which reduces the path dimensions required to be set aside for maintenance
  • Has a mulching mower that promotes healthy grass growth reducing taller, faster growing weeds
  • Contains material within the mower deck to avoid debris damage to panels (it is the only machine on the market with test certification relating to thrown objects)
  • Can be transported in its compact purpose-built trailer and towed by car or utility. However, any appropriately sized plant trailer can be used to transport it.
  • Is a highly cost-effective alternative to herbicide spraying

The safety, ergonomics and productivity of the Spider are unique and world leading.